Pond algae treatment Myrtle Beach, %100 Natural by OES LLC

Pond algae treatment Myrtle Beach, %100 Natural by OES LLC

We treat Golf courses, communities, residential and commercial ponds, for algae, sludge reduction and E-Coli. Our products are 100% SAFE for ALL PETS and CHILDREN. Campgrounds with swimming ponds, a must with OES products. Swim safe!

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100% Natural

Pond algae treatment Myrtle Beach:

  Organic Earth Solutions LLC is servicing the Myrtle Beach area. New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania are still being serviced.

Algae are primitive, primarily aquatic, one-celled or multi-cellular plant-like organisms that lack true stems, roots, and leaves but usually contain chlorophyll. There are both marine and freshwater alga, and alga are found almost everywhere on earth.

pond algae treatment Myrtle Beach
Filament type algae

In total, there are eight main groups of algae: blue-green (also known as cyanobacteria), diatoms, chlorophyta (or green alga) , euglenophyta, dinoflagellate, chrysophyta (commonly called golden alga), phaeophyta (often known as brown algae), and rhodophyta (or red alga). Among these, alga also comes in two forms: planktonic and filamentous (or string). Myrtle Beach lake management by OES can resolve all your alga, sludge, and E-Coli problems.

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