NEW for 2014 "Bio Drain and Septic Cleaner"

Bio Lake Clear, LLMO GC for Pond/Lake Algae Control
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Bio Lake Clear and LLMO GC

Bio Lake Clear: New Improved Formula!! Stronger

Lake or Pond Algae Problems
are the Solution!

Natural Water Treatment for Lakes and Ponds.

Algae control in ponds and lakes takes proper lake management. Every pond and lake is different, but we have the Organic Earth Solutions to improve water clarity, remove sludge, eliminate odor and surface mattes.

**Fountains, Carp,Dyes, Barley Straw, certainly chemicals DO NOT IMPROVE WATER, "LLMO GC and Bio Lake Clear ABSOLUTLY Does"

All Natural Microorganism Effective Even for the TOUGHEST PROBLEMS

Ask about our NEW
"Bio Lake Clear"
For large Lakes



Algae Problems? 

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If your pond or lake looks like this


Ask about our NEW
"Bio Lake Clear"
For large Lakes



New for 2014
Bio Drain and septic

Bio Drain and Septic Cleaner 200X Stronger than any other product on the market.

Unclogs drain lines, keeping them free and clear, therefore reducing plumbing costs. Designed for commercial use, like WWTP, it can also be used in extreme cases for home owners.

Commercial - Residential - Campgrounds

2 FREE QUARTS with a Year Supply


Bio Drain and Septic Cleaner
Eliminate Rotten Egg & Sulfide Odors due to any of the following:

A). Pipes and lines leading to the tank, the distribution box or the leach field are clogged.
The leach field and/or septic tank have standing water on the surface of the ground above them.
Odors of raw sewage or decomposition are prevalent around the septic tank or the leach field.
The entire system backs up whenever a toilet is flushed, the clothes washer is operated, or the dishwasher and sink are emptied.


Waste Water Treatment
Unprecedented Success For Over 25 Years Treating: BOD 650 to 50 is not impossible, the most cost effective SOLUTION.

- Sludge Reduction
- BOD and SS Reduction
- Grease Reduction: Grease Trap, Pit Toilets,Waste Holding Tank,Cesspool, Lift Stations etc.
- Ammonia Compliance WWTP (NH2)
- Digest Organic Solids
- Odor Control: Hydrogen Sulfide, Formaldehyde, Copper Sulfate, and Hydrogen Peroxide
- Breaks Down Other Odorous Compounds

Commercial Aquaculture : Fish Farming including RAS systems: Saltwater and Freshwater. For superior nitrification (biological removal of ammonia and nitrite) in aquiculture systems. Digests organic sludge, minimizes H2S production, and minimizes potential for pathogenic bacterial growth by digesting excess organic sediment that cause anaerobic zone. SEE case study.pdf for results.

Aquarium Fish International, Article Reviewed in Sept 2010 issue page 110

startsmart article on how to cycle aquarium

Slow cycling Causes Fish Loss in New Aquariums and Problem Tanks

aquarium start up

StartSmart Complete Instantly Cycle Fish Tanks and Maintenance
Freshwater and Saltwater Solutions for Hobbyist

Also apply when adding new fish, after medication,or with water change. Fresh and Saltwater formulas. Start Smart is the first and only single-step bacterial product proven to instantly cycle aquariums

Start Smart instantly cycle aquarium


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